Knitting for One #10

Well I finally finished Cherish, just need to sew in the loose wool. It looks beautiful and I am very pleased with the colours. It was 3rd time lucky with this one as I kept getting the decrease wrong argh, I just couldn’t understand the pattern but I got there in the end.

I have also started my muckleberry hat, using the jamieson & smith wool that comes with the kit, it is beautiful, and I’ve only had to take it out once so far due to a daft mistake, I have knitted fair isle before but had never done it in the round so you have to allow for some mistakes, I’m sure it won’t be my only one, I usually have many. I’m back to work now and don’t have as much time to knit as I would like but I must stop day dreaming about knitting and wool when I’m at work, I need my job 🙂



Knitting for One #9

It has been a lovely weekend but with being back to work now it just isn’t long enough, I am glad to be back to normal though. Made some homemade marshmallows today and its like eating sweet fluffy clouds, I will never be able to enjoy shop bought marshmallows again.

Marshmallow and strawberry skewers for pudding tonight.

I have been making Sarah Hatton’s Cherish for my niece this week and it is a lovely pattern but the instructions are not very clear, got some help from a fellow Raveller so it’s looking more promising, you will see from the picture that there is a lifeline as I have already had to take out some of it.

Hopefully this is it this time, fingers crossed. The wool I am using for Cherish is Debbie Bliss cashmerino and it is such a treat to work with, what to make next with it?


Knitting for One #8

Well can’t believe it’s 2013, my resolution is the same as last year, which shows that I never did it in 2012, but I am determined to succeed this year. I want to start a knitting group here in lovely Fraserburgh. I find it sad that I have no one to share my passion for knitting, my love for all things wooly, someone that appreciates the work that can be put into a pair of gloves, when people are used to buying their nice clothing items they just don’t see the time, effort and love that goes into producing something made by you. I think that is one of the reasons that I am the selfish knitter, when you realise that the love you put into making a beautiful item just isn’t appreciated by the receiver. It’s not that they aren’t happy with the gift, I just have the suspicion that they have no idea the work and hours that went into the gift. Maybe this is my excuse for only knitting for myself, this is very possible.

I had better get into gear for this group, What day? Where? Time? Oh the questions, what to do, I do worry that I’m not outgoing enough to start this group, I do struggle when I meet new people but we all have to step out of our comfort zone and go for things. This is probably why I never did it last year, well I know that it’s the reason. I need a kick in the backside here and I really have to go for it!

Aside from worrying about the knitting group I am putting aside my own projects to knit a layette for my niece, she is having a baby so I thought I would give her a hand made gift, I do hope she appreciates it.

Knitting for One #7

Happy New Year folks, can’t believe 2012 is over and done with, they say each year gets faster the older you get but I really hope not because by the time I’m 40, a year will be like a month. It was a very fast year for me, too fast at times, one minute you had plenty time to prepare for a member of the families birthday, next minute it was here and I had no present or card, sometimes no cake,which did happen for my youngest daughter in 2012. I was thinking of getting a diary to note down things I should be doing on specific dates, not sure though, do I really want every day mapped out for me or do I add to the fun and leave everything to the last minute? I may end up with some annoyed family members but surely they are used to me by now 🙂

The presents I received under the tree were the best, my Knitpro set enlarged greatly,and I got a beautiful case to store them all in.

I also received a lovely kit from my mum and dad, a Jamieson & Smith hat and gloves designed by Mary Jane Mucklestone, it has many techniques that I have shied away from in the past but I now have to face my fears and do ‘fingers’.Jamieson_and_Smith_Muckleberry_hat_and_gloves_Mary_Jane_Mucklestone_m
The reason I am so scared of ‘fingers’ is this – when I was at school, primary 4 or 5 I think, the girls all had to knit a pair of gloves and the boys got to make something that boys make, not sure what it was, I just know that they went in one direction and the girls went in the other direction Now bear in mind I only learned to knit about 9 years ago, so when we were all sitting in the group knitting away I was just pretending to knit away and the teacher would take my knitting and fix the mistakes and thrust it back saying “hurry up Carol, these must be finished someday”. With panic setting in and knowing that I couldn’t do it, I waited until the teacher wasn’t looking and I put them into my schoolbag to take them home and my mum very kindly finished my pair of gloves. Knitting did not come to me till I was a lot older, my mum and both my granny’s tried very hard to teach me how to knit but it always ended up with many holes and the wool was so tight onto the needles that it was impossible to knit by about the 4th row. I always blamed the fact that I was left handed but now that I can do it, I’m not so sure that was the reason, it maybe just wasn’t meant to be at that time, maybe I wouldn’t love it so much now if it was something I could always do. So this beautiful gloves will be finished by me and not my mum, I will persevere with them and they will have 4 fingers and a thumb on each glove and I will have a left and a right glove. I can guarantee one thing though, I probably wont be wearing them until at least December.

The house is back to normal now, tree gone and any sign of Christmas is all but a memory, sad really, it’s these days that are the worst to get back to normal life, I think it’s because we make it such a magical, family orientated time, when it’s time to go back to work and school, and routines are the norm again, we all get a little depressed and want the time spent with family and not watching the clock to be the norm. That is why I dream of winning the lottery, its not to have plenty money, it’s to spend time with the people I love without having to worry about getting up for work the next day or trying to figure out when to do the weekly shop and fit in some housework, I guess it isn’t to be as I haven’t won anything yet…. but until then I will take what family time I can get and knit as much as possible, and worry less about dates and times and just hope i don’t offend any one along the way, I’ll just stock up on belated birthday cards now.

Knitting for One #6

It’s getting closer, Christmas I mean, the tree is up and the house is looking rather festive. I really am falling behind now though, this recovery malarky is very time consuming, the cards aren’t even posted yet, oh dear. So much wrapping still to be done too and my elves seem rather tired, think I’ve wiped them out.

As I have mentioned earlier I am a selfish knitter, I have made the odd scarf or socks for a friend but I do tend to make sure I am knitting for myself, but it turns out I have offended my other half as he so kindly pointed out while having coffee with friends. “She has never made anything for me” he says, I was stuck for words, what can you say to that. I am trying to amend this at the moment. I have two balls left from my latest project so a hat for hubby is in the process. I do hope he likes it because it may be the last knitted item he receives for a long time.



Knitting for One #5

Argh, another crazy week, no wonder this month is so high for suicides, how can a person cope with all the stress that comes with living nowadays? Getting by is tough on a normal month but wow this one is by far the most difficult.

This week we said goodbye to a dear family member, he was such a light in many people’s life , but depression took him at the tender age of 28. This kind of sadness shows me that my worries about my teenager are so small and really not worth losing sleep over.

So as if recovering from a hernia op, bringing up a teenager, losing a family member and Christmas isn’t enough to contend with I also forget that I have jury duty and I’m due in court this morning, oh dear.

So I phone the court to let them know I’m ill, and they tell me to email my forms from the doctor, “no problem” I say, only to find that my scanner isn’t working so I struggle to my parents house and my mum kindly puts the info onto a USB, I come home only to discover that my emails won’t send. What! Could this get any worse today, already in quite a lot of pain I now have to go back to my mums and send it from there. Well it’s all done now and I’m home having a seat at last.

I mean really, do you ever feel like everything is stacked up against you and nothing goes right?

Now I am reaching for my knitting, my sanity, my joy, of course there are some of you out there thinking “it’s only wool and needles”, but it certainly isn’t, it is a precious craft that hopefully won’t be lost to the next generation, if only more people would take up knitting as it really is such a calming reassuring and positive pastime that I can’t get enough of. I wish I could persuade more of my family and friends to join me but its not happening, my persuading powers suck.

Ill keep trying though, you never know.

Knitting for One #4


Waffle Blanket

Okay, here is my blanket so far and guess what? I have ran out of wool, argh!

I had just had my hernia operation when I started this project, with a wool that is no longer available, so maybe the painkillers made me a little daft as I thought I had plenty of wool for this beautiful blanket, but it turns out I have enough for half a blanket. After considerable searching I have found someone who will maybe sell some of her stash on Ravelry, it’s even the same dye lot, so I’m just waiting for a reply. Fingers and toes are crossed at the moment, I’ll get back to one of my jumpers which I am knitting with Sublime wool, this wool is just a treat to work with so I suppose its not all bad.

As if rebelling teenagers and recovering from an op isn’t enough to contend with I now have what I consider to be a knitting disaster on my hands!