Knitting for One #13

Well I have had quite a froggy week, one was because of a misprint in the pattern, on one page the colour chart said one thing and on the other page it was another colour chart which of course I didn’t notice duh 😦

And there was this one, but i only frogged it because I just didn’t like it which isn’t annoying at all, just a bit of a shame 😦

As you can see the other half helped me, I ripped it out and he rolled up into a giant ball of wool 🙂

As you can see its rather a large ball.
Now what will I make?


Knitting for One #11

Rather a productive Sunday, made haggis, neep and tatties for supper, made a lovely fruit crumble pie and finished a cute hat for my nieces baby and just started the mittens. I suppose it had something to do with getting up at 8 o’clock this morning, that is quite unheard of at the weekend in our home. After a long week I’m not usually up until 10 o’clock at the weekend, lazy, I know but I do love my bed.


Knitting for One #10

Well I finally finished Cherish, just need to sew in the loose wool. It looks beautiful and I am very pleased with the colours. It was 3rd time lucky with this one as I kept getting the decrease wrong argh, I just couldn’t understand the pattern but I got there in the end.

I have also started my muckleberry hat, using the jamieson & smith wool that comes with the kit, it is beautiful, and I’ve only had to take it out once so far due to a daft mistake, I have knitted fair isle before but had never done it in the round so you have to allow for some mistakes, I’m sure it won’t be my only one, I usually have many. I’m back to work now and don’t have as much time to knit as I would like but I must stop day dreaming about knitting and wool when I’m at work, I need my job 🙂


Knitting for One #9

It has been a lovely weekend but with being back to work now it just isn’t long enough, I am glad to be back to normal though. Made some homemade marshmallows today and its like eating sweet fluffy clouds, I will never be able to enjoy shop bought marshmallows again.

Marshmallow and strawberry skewers for pudding tonight.

I have been making Sarah Hatton’s Cherish for my niece this week and it is a lovely pattern but the instructions are not very clear, got some help from a fellow Raveller so it’s looking more promising, you will see from the picture that there is a lifeline as I have already had to take out some of it.

Hopefully this is it this time, fingers crossed. The wool I am using for Cherish is Debbie Bliss cashmerino and it is such a treat to work with, what to make next with it?


Knitting for One


I’m in the process of recovering from a hernia op, and have more time on my hands than usual which I do enjoy (but not the pain) so I’m knitting knitting knitting, I am also learning myself to crochet which is going relatively terrible, thankfully it is only a dishcloth because I would rather the public wasn’t privy to this as it resembles a relic found in a 17th century archaeological dig, with holes and bits missing. I am also knitting the beautiful cover named Waffle Blanket by Alexis Layton using some stash yarn, along with two jumpers for me 🙂 . I am a totally selfish knitter and prefer if the beautiful knitted item is for myself, I have managed to prize the odd, small item out of my firm grip, but thankfully not many have escaped my possession.


Hello world!


Hi people I am new to this blogging lark but I’m going to give it a whirl,  I started knitting about 7 or 8 years ago with the help of you tube,  I can never find enough time for it between kids, work and keeping the house but when I finally sit down and get clicking the stress and tiredness floats away. When I think about it, life just keeps getting in the way,why can’t I knit instead of work? why can’t I knit instead of cleaning the house? why can’t I knit instead of doing the weekly shop (unless its for wool)? But I suppose that’s what makes it special, that precious time spent doing something I love, if I did it all the time would it still be special?