Knitting for One #17

My birthday was last week and I had a wonderful day, my trip to Wool for Ewe was fantastic, I bought a beautiful James C Brett pattern for Flutterby wool. This wool is so lovely and soft, but I made the mistake of sewing on the arm wrong and when I tried to take it out to do it again it would not come, I had to cut the arm off, this was rather disheartening so my hubby took pity and thought he would help by sewing the new arm on, he proceeded to sew it on outside in, argh, in all I knitted four arms for this tiny all-in-one, needless to say I will not be working with this yarn again unless its a blanket!


So I’m off to see the new baby today, I hope mum likes the all-in-one and the beautiful Cherish set I knitted.



Knitting for One #16

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m of to a LYS, so excited to see a room full of wool. Started a new project this week called Arielle from Misty by Kim Hargreaves it is a very interesting knit so far.

Also started a BSL course this week so I will soon be a level 2 signer, this has been a good week, I entered a couple of competitions this week too maybe my week will get even better 🙂

Knitting for One #15

Well that’s room number 1 spring cleaned 🙂 Still plenty to do but at least it’s a start.

On a knitting note, great news! I received a parcel of wool, not just any wool either. It was the wool I couldn’t find anywhere to finish off my throw. It came all the way from Estonia, happy days.