Knitting for One #14

I try not to drink to much caffeine but I have to say today has been a caffeine induced one, just haven’t got the energy to go without it today.

My daughter turned 21 yesterday and I think I must have turned 61 because I feel like it today 🙂

Received Colours of Shetland by Kate Davies for Mother’s Day, just can’t wait to start something from it.

As always there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day, I feel like I constantly complain about not being able to fit everything in, maybe I should win the lottery, quit my job, stop cleaning and then see if I can fit more knitting into my day. Good plan 🙂


Knitting for One #13

Well I have had quite a froggy week, one was because of a misprint in the pattern, on one page the colour chart said one thing and on the other page it was another colour chart which of course I didn’t notice duh 😦

And there was this one, but i only frogged it because I just didn’t like it which isn’t annoying at all, just a bit of a shame 😦

As you can see the other half helped me, I ripped it out and he rolled up into a giant ball of wool 🙂

As you can see its rather a large ball.
Now what will I make?