Knitting for One #6

It’s getting closer, Christmas I mean, the tree is up and the house is looking rather festive. I really am falling behind now though, this recovery malarky is very time consuming, the cards aren’t even posted yet, oh dear. So much wrapping still to be done too and my elves seem rather tired, think I’ve wiped them out.

As I have mentioned earlier I am a selfish knitter, I have made the odd scarf or socks for a friend but I do tend to make sure I am knitting for myself, but it turns out I have offended my other half as he so kindly pointed out while having coffee with friends. “She has never made anything for me” he says, I was stuck for words, what can you say to that. I am trying to amend this at the moment. I have two balls left from my latest project so a hat for hubby is in the process. I do hope he likes it because it may be the last knitted item he receives for a long time.




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