Knitting for One #5

Argh, another crazy week, no wonder this month is so high for suicides, how can a person cope with all the stress that comes with living nowadays? Getting by is tough on a normal month but wow this one is by far the most difficult.

This week we said goodbye to a dear family member, he was such a light in many people’s life , but depression took him at the tender age of 28. This kind of sadness shows me that my worries about my teenager are so small and really not worth losing sleep over.

So as if recovering from a hernia op, bringing up a teenager, losing a family member and Christmas isn’t enough to contend with I also forget that I have jury duty and I’m due in court this morning, oh dear.

So I phone the court to let them know I’m ill, and they tell me to email my forms from the doctor, “no problem” I say, only to find that my scanner isn’t working so I struggle to my parents house and my mum kindly puts the info onto a USB, I come home only to discover that my emails won’t send. What! Could this get any worse today, already in quite a lot of pain I now have to go back to my mums and send it from there. Well it’s all done now and I’m home having a seat at last.

I mean really, do you ever feel like everything is stacked up against you and nothing goes right?

Now I am reaching for my knitting, my sanity, my joy, of course there are some of you out there thinking “it’s only wool and needles”, but it certainly isn’t, it is a precious craft that hopefully won’t be lost to the next generation, if only more people would take up knitting as it really is such a calming reassuring and positive pastime that I can’t get enough of. I wish I could persuade more of my family and friends to join me but its not happening, my persuading powers suck.

Ill keep trying though, you never know.


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