Knitting for One #4

Waffle Blanket

Okay, here is my blanket so far and guess what? I have ran out of wool, argh!

I had just had my hernia operation when I started this project, with a wool that is no longer available, so maybe the painkillers made me a little daft as I thought I had plenty of wool for this beautiful blanket, but it turns out I have enough for half a blanket. After considerable searching I have found someone who will maybe sell some of her stash on Ravelry, it’s even the same dye lot, so I’m just waiting for a reply. Fingers and toes are crossed at the moment, I’ll get back to one of my jumpers which I am knitting with Sublime wool, this wool is just a treat to work with so I suppose its not all bad.

As if rebelling teenagers and recovering from an op isn’t enough to contend with I now have what I consider to be a knitting disaster on my hands!


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